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Learning On The Road: Studying With A Truck Driving School In Oshawa

Truck Driving School In Oshawa

All across the city of Oshawa, there’s been a demand for truck drivers as essential businesses need more and more supplies to facilitate their recovery. We’ve all been impacted one way or another by the events in the past few years, with most people only know finding ways of getting back up on their feet. One of these avenues for a new start is by joining the growing number of drivers taking up the profession of truck driving.

Currently, there’s been a growing demand for Canadian truck drivers as industries are on the rise back up. Already there’s been reports that the economy has managed to return to pre-pandemic levels. In contrast to this, there’s been a growing shortage of drivers available for jobs due to various factors that have cut into their numbers. Trucking HR has stated that Canada had seen as much as 18,000 truckers leave the industry by the second quarter of last year.

Already this is seeming like an intensifying problem as the country’s logistics sector struggles to cope with such a loss. Now, many trucking-related organizations are starting up programs to get Canadians aspiring to become licensed truck drivers off the ground and behind the wheels as soon as possible. Private Career Colleges and Truck Driving Schools are becoming more important as we expect to see a surge of potential drivers looking for the expertise to pass their licensure tests.

What Truck Driving Schools Offer Students

Trucking, much like any other industry, tends to improve as more technological advancements are introduced to drivers and workers all over the field. The time it takes for a driver to get certified and licensed is now shorter than ever before, enabling more drivers to take to the road. There are even certain institutions that offer online classes, enabling those working full-time jobs to still have a shot at becoming truck drivers themselves.

Right now, the industry is staring down the barrel of a tough situation: There’s plenty of jobs but not enough drivers to work on them. New drivers need to quickly catch up and learn the skills necessary to complete these offers, but how would they go about this? That’s where institutions such as JAZ Truck Driving School come in, offering students classes and guidance that they’ll need to become full-fledged drivers for their future careers.

To become a truck driver, they need to obtain a Full Class A License to be certified to operate a truck, trailer, or truck-trailer combination. This is different from the Restricted Class A License as it does not allow for operation of any vehicle utilizing an air brake system, among other things. There is also the choice between being licensed for operating trucks with a manual or automatic transmission due to some new regulations from the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario.

Those planning to go for jobs requiring the use of dump trucks and other heavier vehicles will need the Class D license. Although this class does allow for the operation of cars and light trucks under the G Class license category, it does not allow for operation of Full or Restricted Class A vehicles. If you’d like to read more on the requirements necessary for registering as either a Class A or D truck driver, then please check out the Ministry of Transportation’s official site on this matter.

Classes On Offer for New Drivers

Here at JAZ Truck Driving School, we offer programs for students aiming for Class A or Class D licenses when it comes to truck driving. The Ministry of Transportation implemented a requirement for mandatory entry-level training for new Class A truck drivers, a service that we continuously provide to students of ours. With our comprehensive MELT program, the student will undergo 104 hours of training to prepare them for the knowledge and road tests necessary for completion of their training. 4 to 5 weeks will be dedicated to in-class and on-the-road training which will go over how to operate their vehicles and how to inspect them for maintenance purposes.

The Class D program we offer allows students to operate trucks that have towed vehicles with gross weights not above 4,600 kgs. We teach new drivers using one-on-one learning techniques to make sure they understand the ins and outs of operation. Emphasizing the importance of road safety, we teach all students the importance of Pre-trip truck inspections and in-cab inspections. Aside from practical skills, we’ll also be giving them lectures for in-cab theory and what they can do in case of emergency situations.

If you’re one of the many Canadians looking to become a member of the country’s logistics industry, then becoming a truck driver might be the calling for you. With JAZ, you’ll be sure to get on the road as soon as possible.

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