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Getting Your Commercial Truck Training License

Commercial Truck Training License

The trucking industry is one such field that’s always looking for new blood to take the reins. With 2022 being a year where many businesses are attempting recovery, there’s grounds to believe that a new demand for drivers will be underway as the year develops. Trucking companies may find themselves flush with new orders, but they may also find that a lack of drivers will render them unable to make use of this trend.

All this has led students from all over Canada to try and get their hands on a Commercial Truck Training License. As you may be familiar with, there are 2 different license classes that are available for commercial truck drivers: Class A for Tractor-Trailers and Class D for heavier classes of Trucks. An important part of truck driving education revolves around proper instruction and guidance, something that many different driving schools can provide.

General Requirements for Commercial Truck Training

There are many requirements necessary during the long process of Commercial Truck Driving Training. For those aiming for a Class A license, there will be mandatory entry-level training which must be completed to be eligible for the license. This typically lasts for at least 103.5 hours and goes through the various skills needed in this line of work. Private Career Colleges such as our own can administer this training, as well as organizations that work under the Driver Certification Program. Take note though that if you’re planning for a Restricted Class A license, then you won’t need to complete any form of mandatory entry-level training.

Other requirements include a knowledge test where you will be asked questions regarding the safe operation of large trucks, trailers, and truck-trailer combinations. Private Career Colleges tend to also run classes regarding this topic, so this should be an easy affair to finish. Lastly, a road test must be completed with a vehicle that meets the requirements for Class A identification.

Air Brake Training

Air brake training Toronto

Those with a restricted license still have the option to upgrade it to a full Class A license. This requires completion of a road test with a vehicle that fits Class A descriptions, one stipulation being that it should have a full air brake system on the vehicle. Some institutions offer air brake training classes which go through the ins and outs of an Air Brake system. Topics include the components that make up the braking system, maintenance of the air brakes, and application of all these lessons.

Although it’s not a specific requirement for Full Class A licensure, it always helps to be knowledgeable about your own vehicle.

Class D Licensure

Drivers who are looking to operate heavier trucks that exceed 11,000 kilograms in gross weight will have to go for a Class D license. All requirements of the Class A license are carried over, except for the mandatory entry-level training portion. Take note that the subject of the knowledge test will be quite different as operating larger trucks requires a different set of skills.

The Class D license does not allow you to drive full Class A vehicles, requiring you to pursue licensure for this class on a separate occasion. However, Class D license holders may also drive trucks or other vehicles covered by the G Class License.

Looking for the right Truck Training School

Aspiring truck drivers have much to gain from being enrolled in a proper truck driving school. When looking for the one you’re planning to enroll in, make sure that they offer the classes that you’re interested in taking. It’s important to find one that knows of the many rules and regulations related to the profession, being capable of passing that knowledge to you.

OSL Certification is another thing to look out for, a sign that their instructors can deliver quality instruction and guidance for you. Ask about their on-hand equipment, as schools that carry the latest of these will be great for hands-on training opportunities. Lastly, ask about whether or not they can accommodate your daily schedule.

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We offer training for Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D licensure. We also offer Air brake and Forklift Certification training for students as well.

With thousands of students of ours already graduated and living their ambitions of being truck drivers, we assure you that you’ll be able to reach that same goal too! Contact us today and see how our training programs can train you for a promising future in the logistics industry. Find more about us on Facebook !