JAZ Truck Driving School


JAZ Truck Driving school’s knowledgeable staff provides assistance in finding you employment once you have graduated with your new licence. A thorough Job Search Preparation Course is available, resume and cover letter updates, job board and industry contacts.

Job placement assistance is available for all students that graduate from our school. The greater number of job placement opportunities will be available to successful candidates graduating with the full 200 hour program. Companies interview the best drivers that they feel can operate their equipment. Some companies will pre-screen students while they are still completing their course and will offer them employment opportunities upon completing of their course. JAZ Truck Driving School has many transportation companies that accept our students for full time employment opportunities as our graduates are qualified to work for them.

Many of these employers require successful candidates to commute short and long haul across Canada and into the United States. The average annual income an entry level driver should expect to receive in their first year of employment is between $36,000 and $54,000.

There are companies that hire entry-level drivers for local work that would have them scheduled day time work. These opportunities are not as plentiful as the short or long haul positions. Typically, local drivers are paid on a per kilometre, per load or hourly basis depending on the company and the type of work being performed.

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